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It is based on classical cinematic runner games. It is a game in which you should take the right action at the right time.

The early taken actions put the characters on danger. Every attack has its own penalty process and if the enemy attacks during this process, the game will be over.

There are two types of attack systems. The first attack is done on time and it depends on your own prediction. The other one is called “the quick time event", it references itself by the right interval attacks.

There will be an enemy that will contain these two types of attacks. It will be called “the 2 stage attack". We are going to share this with you by time.

There are platforms that are not only for attacks but also for jumping, climbing, going down, running away from the traps and etc.

Except being a classical platform game, we can see the right timing's power on the game's coercive ways. The only thing that needs to be done is waiting for the right time otherwise the character's next move will be affected by “cooldown."

Every single enemy has its own characteristics. For example, the lancer's being ahead from the other enemies in the battlefield.

The Spearman: The action must be taken earlier and the attack is always ahead in this type of enemy.
The Enemy With a Sword: If the player takes its action earlier this type of enemy can be pretty sneaky.
The Man With The Hat: He can disappear insidiously and come back in a sudden. You have to find some strategies that will push your instincts.
The Plathammer:They are literary the largest men to be trained. They are accepted as inhuman creatures. They never talk and they don't see. They are blind but it is a very important fact that they are pretty good at hearing things. Because they see what they hear during their lives. Their world is consisted of noises. So, if you distain this giant creature and try to sneak out from the gap between its legs, it can sense your existence and can bang the ground so strongly and defeat you with the vibration it causes. They can also kill their enemies with the hammers that they are holding.
The Boxer:He is a pretty fast and an aggressive character. He is impossible to be defeated because of his quick moves with his daggers, they are hard to be defeated. To defeat this character “QuickTimeEvent" should be used. In other words, before attacking, using some eyewinks is enough for you to defeat this character. In this situation, concentration is everything.
The Arbalist: They are trained in forests. They are head-hunters against payment and also assassins. They are holding a crossbow which is powerful enough to destroy three thick wooden doors. They can ambush their enemies in a sneaky way. No one has ever survived an arrow. According to some legends and rumors, it is said that a warrior from very distant lands has survived everything. Butalso this type of enemy has a weakness. After throwing an arrow, they lose a lot of time putting the second arrow to their crossbows. Because if they miss their victim, they have to repeat this action again. They don't have enough time for this. That's why they use the advantage of distance and prefer to run away. According to another rumor, it is said that our character is from distant lands too and The Arbalists are given a head-hunt mission against our character.

More information will be added soon...

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Published Dec 06, 2016
Release date Feb 10, 2017
AuthorTwo Hours Before
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-bit, Action-Adventure, Arcade, Endless, Medieval, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English, Turkish
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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Looking good!

Deleted post

Currently we dont have anyone who compose, create sound Fx etc. It will be nice, do u have any Example Work?

Yep! I have an album of game music you can steam for free on Bandcamp:

And the project I'm finishing up is on Kickstarter--here you can see the trailer set to my music:

And lastly on my SoundCloud there are a few one-off pieces from game jams and such:

Let me know if you're interested, and we can take it from there (email exchange and such)! Thank you so much for replying, and I look forward to your response. :)